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    Mark Aston - Vocals
    James Denham - Bass
    Nikolaj Juel - Guitar
    Luke Bullen - Drums

    This is gonna be pretty short, cant even find a band photo (hence the album art pic) but thought id bring this album to people's attention.

    They formed in the mid 90's in England and released the album 'Stones' in 1998, I think they had some more sucess in the US than they did in the UK. A second album was released but they went in a pretty different direction with that and was subsequently dropped by their label.

    Stones genre comes under the post-grunge name in my opinion... id say the album sounds like a cross between Bush's Sixteen Stone and Radiohead's The Bends albums.

    ...and thats the only 2 vid's i can find on youtube, lol. Sorry it's kind of a half assed description on the band. Im gonna upload their album and post it in the Downloads section for anyone that wants to hear more of it.
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    cool band. I wouldn't say that they stand out alot, but they fall right into the kind of sound that I enjoy. They remind me a bit of puddle of mudd, I think I might look for more from these guys too.

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    Yeah they're by no means a stand out band, but i really like this album. I tried uploading it earlier but didnt work. Ill get it though.

    The singer released a solo album, or is about to, so might be something else to check out.

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    You were right SMB. I like them!

    The first song had this slow vibe that reminded me right away of Bush's song "Mouth" ...right down to the stop-starts in that song. I opened the thread, and hit the play button on the first video before I started reading what you wrote, and I started laughing when I read you mention Sixteen Stone by Bush. (No wonder you knew I'd like them, lol)

    Thanks for doing a thread, and sharing the CD by uploading. They might be hard to find. I can't download with my connection though.

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    Great band SMB! I liked the second song you posted the best and CB was right...they definately sound alot like Puddle of Mudd.
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