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Thread: I need some SONGWRITING advice please!?

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    Default I need some SONGWRITING advice please!?

    As some people may know, I am an aspiring song writer, but ever since my life has fallen into a big pile of mud, I havn't had all that much to write about! I am just looking for some SERIOUS song ideas. Or just some songwriting advice. Please, I'll take anything.

    Luv you people!!!!!!
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    I myself am a writer and I recently wrote a poem, maybe it will help you, If you want to use my poem let me know maybe we both can profit from it?

    Good Morning - Kimberly Rasberry

    Every morning the sun kisses the sky and gently warms the air,
    It drapes the earth into its bossom, so lovely and so fair,
    It creeps into the the surface, awakening all that sleeps,
    It whispers a good morning through the little birds that speak.
    The river rums a steady pace for those who would delight,
    Sunlight dances upon the surface so beautiful and bright.
    The trees sway to and fro with leaves falling to the ground,
    And all around this sweet serenity, there is but one sound.
    The sound of life, peace, and hope surrounding us with great love.
    These everyday gifts we've come to treasure that God sends us from above.
    Good Morning
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