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    I once fell in love / just to get more lost
    And followed a darker path / full of thorns and unwanted thoughts
    She's the static in my cellphone world
    I stop to think about her // this girl named world...

    She came into my life / just to turn me around
    And had me strung from the echo of her heartbeat sound
    Syncopated / down / to the rhythm of my bed
    When she turned the thing around / and stopped to give me head
    I was fine / with her plots and schemes
    I even liked the way she told me / that she never had dreams
    But behind the scenes / I hear demons in her voice
    I hear her crying in her sleep / talking about a bad choice
    From the meth to the pills / to the radio play
    I hear static in her voice / when she says "baby"
    And I know...
    Far too much / about a heart getting crushed / until it feels like dust
    I try and tell myself to hush / but it's never that easy
    So until you feel that touch / just believe me...

    I once fell in love / just to get my head right
    And leave the place I've been / to get me through another night
    She's the thing that I hate to love in this world
    I stop to think about her // this girl named world

    Three months later / my life was a like a blur
    Everything that I owned / now belonged to her
    She was this / she was that
    She was myth / she was fact
    She had strung me so far / I couldn't think to look back
    Because I never got deep in the world until she came
    But a smile on her face / became much the same thing
    And her stomach started bulging / said it's about that time
    That I stop being bogus / started taking care of mine
    And we were finally there
    This new life ahead of us / was like a breath of fresh air
    We thought it would change everything that made us cry
    We could kick bad habits / and try to stay in line / we could pay our dues
    But it's never that easy
    Until you walk in my shoes / try and believe me

    I fell in love / before I really started falling
    Before I realized I hated you / and got sick of you calling
    She's the reason that I left that world
    I don't think about her / that girl named world

    We had it all wrong / from the places to the names
    Where we laid our heads / and thought that we were safe
    Deep in the end / we gave up so much
    We took a happy family / and traded it for dust
    Ruins / ashes / happiness and sadness / and some insane laughter
    So she left from her hiding place and turned another chapter
    Added to her diary / a page about a hereafter
    And she tried her best to force everything down
    Before waking up alone / and thinking about now
    How it hurts when you lose everything that you love
    It ain't easy
    Until you walk in her shoes / just believe me

    I fell in love / and I gave it all up
    This is dedicated to a girl named drugs

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    I really liked this. There's something about the way the lyrics are written... It's good

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