Me and my friend are forming a band (just the two of us) and we would like to ask for your help. I don't want to bore you with the details, so let's just say that we are trying for quite a time but we had no luck with other members. That's why we decided to seek help online.

We have many many ideas for songs, and we have completed one with our limited resources (a microphone and a MIDI keyboard).

We would like you to play the guitar part for us. We can't pay you of course and we are from Hungary, so we can probably not meet yet, but we will definitely credit you in our song.

The genre is progressive rock or something like this. We are a fan of old school music, our favorite is Queen because of the many genres they touched but they somehow always kept their individuality.

Okay. So if you are interested and want to help us, or just bored and can't do anything more interesting, help us! We are interested even if you are only learning to play! We are very desperate!

Here is a rar file and every help in it. We included gp4 gp5 midi files and a txt file with the tune and possible chords, and a drum loop on whihc you can play the rhytm.

The Loosers.zip

If you have ny questions please write to us at [email protected]