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Thread: When I Was Stupid

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    Default When I Was Stupid

    When I was stupid
    I gave myself a name
    When I was stupid
    I wrote down everything I had to say

    And when I was stupid
    I gave up in the end
    But when I was stupid
    It didn't have to matter then

    I wrote myself a page of perfect letters
    That I'll never let set sail
    I wrote myself a goodbye note
    It said I hope you're doing well
    But your time here was very short
    I'm so glad I knew you before I fell

    When I was stupid
    I spent my time on pointless dreams
    When I was stupid
    Nothing was ever as it seemed

    And when I was stupid
    I didn't care to let you go
    But when I was stupid
    I was too stupid to truly know

    I heard they tell you that I love you
    I really hope it means enough
    But I can't imagine words on paper
    Would get you through when times are tough
    If you ever feel misled enough to hate me
    I'll understand

    Because when I was stupid
    I let the good things slip out of my reach
    And when I was stupid
    There was nothing new to learn or teach

    Sometimes I'm still stupid
    But I'm doing my best now
    And every sober second
    Is a second that I'll not let down
    Cause I don't wanna be stupid anymore

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    Now this... is lyrical gold...

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    Lol. Indeed. Good job.

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    Love the last part.

    Loudest of Love

    I'm tied within
    I'm luck's last match struck
    In the pouring down wind

    ~Chris Cornell~

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