I am so tired
of sitting here
watching the sun rise
and drop
like the pendulum swingin on a clock
tick tock
as i waste my life away
watching people become covered in nothing but pain
and shame
id hate to make there lives any worse
but every time i try to make it better they curse
my name
saying its non of my damn buisness and my little anerexic white ass can walk away
calm yourself
youre lucky i know why
youre such a dman ass hole
its because youre whole life is
youre unable
to make fables
that people beleive
so you seem like you are able
to suceed
but you cant
cause your locked
in a box
and youre chained
and kept hidden from the world
till some fox
starts chaseing you
raceing you
toying with youre mind
and then right when you hand youre heart to them on a platter
they crush it in lie's
and then you go home to a drunk ass father
who wouldnt dare bother to kiss youre ass
cause he dont care
and momma is to much of a ***** to gain the guts to do anything about it
i doubt it atleast
maybe one day she will stop popping pills and finally just beleive
when you say
dad ****ing is rapeing you in the attic
and then you gotta hide the little fact under the fabric
of that rug
where youre skeletons pile up so high, until it looks like the bogey man is hiding under there right
and just when you put that knife to youre throat
wishing to die
i come in and break your damn soul out
kiss hell goodbye