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    Verse 1:
    Take my hand
    And never let it go
    Stay with me
    Cuz I love you so
    These spaces between us
    Will never disappear
    As long as you're never here
    So baby

    Don't go
    For you haven't seen the best of me
    Don't go
    For there's no where else I rather be
    Come and wash away my sorrow
    With your light touch and tenderness
    Come and hold me like there's no tomorrow
    And restore my happiness
    Oh baby don't go, ooh don't go

    Verse 2:
    As I walk
    Through the valley of despair
    How will I cope?
    When I can't feel your spirit in the air
    Don't you know you're my light
    When this world refuses to shine
    Yes you will always be mine, oh mine
    Oh baby

    Repeat chorus

    Don't close your eyes
    When I'm in your midst
    For you will not see
    The goodness in me
    Oh baby

    Repeat chorus

    I can still hear your whispers in my ear
    Even though you're never here

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