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    Hi there

    I have been a music lover for many years and I am feeling down in the mouth in the lack of truly decent music being made and decided to write a poem on my feelings. I can not stress enough that my comments are not in anyway a reflection on any company or any particular artists and views displayed are only those of my own free speech, artistic licence and assumed opinion. I just thought that I would pass it onto you to see what aspects you agree or disagree over my views, I am just interested in hearing other peoples feelings on how they feel the music scene is going, who knows it may even improve music for the better for future generations. Look forward to hearing back from you all.

    All the best

    Daniel North

    The metronome of the monotonous

    I question will the music industry ever get better?
    Since I see it dry of nostalgia, wretched of a true pioneer
    The legends that our parents once adored are dying off
    And I feel illegal downloads will be the last of it’s worries
    When they all inevitably disappear.

    I’m queasy with the industry always playing safe
    Finding what sells, what is trendy, then churn out clones
    Or picking a sound of a era that’s been and gone
    I just find it all too embarrassing to watch
    Its like they are foraging for flesh on a pile of long decayed bones.

    Then we are expected to dress up like a neon glow stick
    Or like these so called glove-puppet revolutionaries of the stage
    I find it so hard to see talent in sampling a familiar tune
    Is pressing a button on a laptop in fact playing music?
    Maybe it is such a modern day no brainier convenience
    That has stifled passion and left fresh creativity in a cage.

    I listened to four albums on a trip recently
    And each one sounded suicidal and excruciatingly dour
    You would think that these artists would try to build morale
    To create a homecoming to happiness and fun
    Music has a wonderful gift in altering moods
    So isn’t time they tapped into that power?

    Instead being ravaged, money motivated blowhards
    That are more interested in promoting their latest lip gloss
    I feel that the best bands come from having nothing except passion
    Not from the lacklustre soap operas or by peeling off their clothes
    If they want to scandalize then why don’t they try releasing a decent album?
    After all if these modern day icons disappeared would it truly be any great loss?

    I just think I miss the days when I shared new music with friends
    Discovering new bands that started movements, originality was once exciting
    A band whose album was so stimulating that I played it non-stop
    I intensely yearn for a melody that is poignant and has substance
    Without these “mega stars” overshadowing raw talent for being too obscure or too biting.

    I have always believed that love and music will get you through most things
    And I will remain positive that innovation will flicker through this opaque dearth
    Because we all need music to uplift us during tough times
    To offer us a retreat and to show other generations how it is done
    Before the idols that I once loved, in turn, sadly leave the earth.

    © Daniel North

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    Good job. I've a song kinda like this (although this one is more well put together), check it out if you like: You're a d i c k. - Music Banter
    It's the one title "Insanestream".

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