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    YouTube - Reloaded - Sidewalk Blues

    Over there on the sidewalk sit’s a man with no shoes
    But damn it, he can play the blues
    In this neighborhood he’s wellknown
    As the guy who saved the life of Jackie Joan

    He goes by the name of Sidewalk Stevie
    And sits there every evening
    He used to be a real estate broker
    But gambled away his life playing poker

    This old man can play and sing
    Like John Lee Hooker and BB King
    He’ll sing and play you whatever you’d like
    Just give him a beer or a Lucky Strike

    This guy will never make it on Mtv
    Singing ‘bout life in a minor key
    But he don't play for fame or glory
    He just wanna sing his life story

    Around the corner, and up a hill
    Sit’s a man with his harmonica, thats Hillbilly Bill
    He’s not much for words, his the quiet type
    Either blowing his harmonica or smoking his pipe

    He had a fancy house and a girl named Sue
    But she left him for som lawyer named Drew
    He tried to drown his sadness in a vodka-filled river
    Unaware of that his sorrow was a very good swimmer.

    He sold his house and to rehab he went
    It wasn't easy, all his money he spent
    Now 8 months sober, still going strong
    Just playing his harmonica, Thinking bout what went wrong

    This guy will never make it on MTV
    Singing ‘bout life in a minor key
    But he just wanna express how he feel
    Reflecting on life with a melody

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