A young man in his early twenties
Met the girl of his dreams and they fell in love
They wanted a child more than anything
And prayed everyday to the lord above

6 years passed with their prayers unanswered
But they kept trying, still caught up in deep romance
Then one year finally a baby boy born
But he died on the spot and they collapsed in mourn

4 years went by of heartache and pain
Til’ one year sunshine dried their tears and the rain
This one wasn’t gonna die, God forbid
Thankfully it turned out a healthy kid

This one turned out to be a healthy baby girl
And it wasn’t a doubt what the name would be
They named the child after the mans favorite song
The new born girl got the name Keyleigh

They lived happy as the perfect family
Had the jobs, cars, eachother, and a nice apartment
Til’ one day the mother and wife got killed
On her way home from work in a car accident

Now the man was all on his own
Left alone in this world so cold
Wanted to end his life but he couldn’t
Responsible for caring for his 2 year old

He moved 400 miles from his own family
so his daughter could be near her mommy's mom and dad
Nowadays feeling isolated from his own family
Thinks everyday of the great life he once had

But life is okay now, with the daughter now seven
Sends a thought everynight to his loved one’s in heaven
Dreams of how his wife raises their first born son
And how they’ll one day reunite as one