That's not the official name of the song, just something I call it because the song is mostly in nine eight timing. Anyhow, I wish to have opinions on the lyrics. I am personally unsatisfied with them. : (

Anticipated Hero

Verse 1
As I wait for your thoughts
I feel so melancholy.
Crowds weaving through the dead expression
And it’s brought back by only our thoughts.

Chorus 1
And their minds are empty.
Till the tides consume them.

Verse 2
And the lies of our world treads on.
The simple tunes of our teams.
Yet the minds of unfurnished tongues.
And their ears and their eyes untamed.

Chorus 2
Where will our life set?
Who’ll be the one to step forth.

Animate my soul and the parts of my being. The smirking people who left me here to sing.

Verse 3
And yet I sit on an empty cliff.
Full with nothing but a false joke.
And I continue to bear with this.
Till the sweet feeling of rebirth.

Chorus 3
Where is our savior? Who holds the holy grail?