Author: John Knight
2011 John Knight

In The Beginning, There Was

Imagine the first twilight
Creation hours old
Think of what happened
A miracle to behold

The beginning of time
Start the world now
Give us the reason
The will and know how

The earth's first breath
Was so long ago
Give life to the plant
And let the plants grow

A new universe
Lifeless but hot
You've given the world
But what have we got?

Lord we'll make good
So trust in us please
Give us the time
Let's start with the trees

Let the seas cool
Paint the sky blue
All of these things
I know you can do

Give us the chance
To make this earth ours
But we need your strength
Please give us your powers

In ten trillion years
If we've not got it right
Start the whole thing again
And set us alight

But learn a good lesson
Whoever's above
It ended in hatred
Should have stayed with your love