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Thread: Can you write lyrics of this spanish song?

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    Default Can you write lyrics of this spanish song?

    Can someone type the lyrics song for me of this spanish? I'm spanish person but I'm not good of writing the lyric. So please I appreciated if anyone write the lyric for me of this spanish song. Thank!

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    Please can someone do this? Be respectful. Because I want to know what the song is saying. I will appreciate. Thank.

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    Why dont you write the lyrics as they are for us, then we can try and give you a translation. I dont think anyone is going to download something from someone with their first post unless its a link that people trust. I dont recognise that link, and I am not taking the chance of getting a virus by downloading something that someone I dont know from Adam has linked to me

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    Well like I said that I don't know what the song is saying. I don't need translated. I just need the spanish lyrics. So please just type on what the song is saying, and I'll appreciate. And by the way, I DO NOT have virus of my file! So don't worry. Thank!

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