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    Ok, so they're a thrash band who put out their third album 'Outer Isolation' a couple of days ago. They have a kind of thrash/black metal hybrid going on, although I hear it's much more prominent on their second album which I am yet to listen to.

    A review of Outer Isolation:
    [ame=]Vektor- Outer Isolation ALBUM REVIEW - YouTube[/ame]

    First song off the album:
    [ame=]Vektor - Cosmic Cortex - YouTube[/ame]

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    I honestly have no idea how 11 views can be made without a single post. Are people devoid of opinions?

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    Black Future is just

    This band is pretty gud

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    I liked the album when I first heard it. I'll have to give it another listen to see how it holds up on repeat listens. I've been a bit busy though.

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