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Thread: Newbie from Nottingham! Any other UK pps here?

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    Default Newbie from Nottingham! Any other UK pps here?

    Hi, my name is Mike, thought it was time i'd signup as apposed to lucking the forum as a 'guest'.

    I've got quite an ace job working for a new Nottingham music magazine that supports unsigned uk bands and artists- on top of this the biz also runs an online music directory which is in the process of getting a bit of a face lift!

    Hopefully looking to network and (fingers crossed) to meet some other UK forum members!

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    Welcome to MuzicForums.

    You can put a link to your site in the profile, then when people click on your name, the link shows up.

    If you have any questions, ask me or the staff! Helpful links are in my signature, too.


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    Thanks for the welcome Magic- you're kinda MAGICAL and you SPARKLE

    What are the rulings on signature links? I don't to over step my bounds on my 2nd post, so have't added a sig link at the moment...

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    Ahhh not a problem- im not too fussed!

    Time to go explore

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    Hello, welcome to the forum, I'm sure we have some other Brits around here somewhere, but if not then you have the distinction of representing your whole nation.
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