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Thread: Hello all - I'm new lol

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    Default Hello all - I'm new lol

    Hi to all on muzicforums!

    My names Steve - I took the opportunity of joining this forum to introduce myself lol. Feel free to introduce yourself to me :-)

    I'm a music promoter from the North of England.

    The act I'm currently promoting is Kenny V

    If you want to talk to me about anything then just message me.

    Glad to be a member of this site

    Cya around peeps!
    Last edited by Lord Grendel; 04-25-2009 at 12:05 PM. Reason: No myspace links in the forum.

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    If you wish to promote your band, make One thread in our Promote sub-forum and no Myspace links, just the address, otherwise I will delete/edit your posts.

    If you are here to participate then welcome, if you are a one shot self promoter, then I doubt we will see much of you anyway.

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    We don't like one shot promotors So if you stick around I might even click a link in your posts... I might... Not sure yet.

    Anyway: for what it is: welcome...

    One for all and all for adore !

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