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    Talking Jazzy B

    The colossus of sound, style, fashion and entertainment that is Jazzy B.

    Jazzy B brings to life his own blend of modern Bhangra style complimenting his electric dance moves and live stage act. Born in India, raised in Canada and now a world citizen through his extensive touring schedules, he has taken his unique style to every corner of the globe in the near two decades he's been singing.

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    Welcome enjoy ye'r stay

    I see you have been here before. Don't try these forums as advertisement billboards You'll fail. I'm watching you.. muhahahahahaaa (evil laugh)...

    One for all and all for adore !

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    Welcome punjabi!
    You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life.

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    Default punjabi


    anther wellcome from icarus5

    a bout music -i realy like good song..
    and i have my

    my second love is astronomy..(if you like astronomy come and speak a bout this with me look down)

    icarus5-universe at time minus/could the universe began with complete zero..??

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    Welcome to the forum!!!
    I love ɔɔɔızzzznɯ

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    Guday punjabi - I thought I welcomed you!

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