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Thread: Lee Burridge and Faze Action interviews on CGI

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    Default Lee Burridge and Faze Action interviews on CGI

    Another 2 Interviews for you this month…

    Firstly, Lee Burridge has been touring and traveling the world as a DJ for 26 years and shows no signs of slowing down. CGI caught up with him before his big NYE Club gig at Santos Party House in NYC . If you're a fan, check it out here…

    Lee Burridge

    Second intreview is with Faze Action, thanks to the guys at "Subject" ( for sharing.

    Faze Action


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    Default I'm not sure what to think....

    OK, the guy does have 26 years experience and I saw the video and he has an amazing feel for beats and melodies. But what really differentiates him from some other DJs seems to be his understanding of equipment. He speaks about the issues of records vs digital mediums for DJing. At least he's aware, but he is still using outdated tech, CDJs.

    He is a good DJ but he actually jokingly calls himself "eye candy".
    Lee-I do contribute though as I make a mean cup of tea and am, obviously, great eye candy.
    Obviously a jab at himself, but he's not even spinning records most of the time(first video is him exclusively on CDJs, second video shows him mixing a record into a CDJ)! There is very little movement other than his bald head bouncing up and down.

    He does make a good point when asked if vinyl is dead...

    Fiona: I know you spin mostly with vinyl. With the advent of digital music and djing, do you think vinyl will maintain a place in djing or die out? It seems like a lot of djs are using CDs and digital DJ technology now or a combo of both.

    Lee: It's been dying out for years but somehow manages to find a new level each time it's supposed to be dead. The fact that most people play digital now sadly leaves the turntables in clubs in a bad way so, sadly, it's becoming harder and harder to actually play vinyl in clubs. I will always buy it but it's on it's last legs for me in so many venues. They just don't really have many visiting DJ's who play it. The state of the equipment just makes me look bad when the first track is skipping all over the place and the bass is feeding back. Sad times indeed!
    OMG, is he actually knocking the club equipment that has kept his 26 year streak going? I have had the same crappy turntables for almost ten years with daily play kept undamaged. Who the hell is messing up these needles, which can cost up to $200 if damaged? Are they really letting idiot DJs up there? No, they are simply going unused. And this is where the problem lies.

    Without proper use dirt and dust build up on needles. Add to that what I like to call "Rave Funk", collected perspiration and other random fluids from enclosed spaces and sweaty people and you get this mud like substance. When caked for long enough on an uncleaned needle it causes corrosion and other oxidization issues. A sad state indeed! To be a club owner spending that much money on a paperweight! And you wonder why the drinks are 8 bucks a pop.... To cover pointless expenditures like unused equipment, no matter what it is.

    So when all is said and done, I define him as a good DJ, not good enough to pay and see or buy a single album but he is talented. I feel he is half assing the technological revolution all around him by using CDJs. But to be fair, I wouldn't want to bring 2 $1000 Laptops around club drinks, idiot drugged up club goers and the basic insanity that seems to surround the DJ at events he seems to be involved in. But at least I wouldn't want the last 5 minutes of my life back.

    The videos don't do him justice as they are over amped and filled with over intoxicated crowds screaming for more 4/4 beats with the occasional vocal thrown in for good measure. Maybe I am jaded towards the whole club scene in general.

    He's just another house DJ, no matter how long he's been doing it, I found nothing to make him stand out musically. So another falsely created messiah will save House music...again.

    Get over yourself, you don't even play an instrument or attempt to augment the records he's playing. Mediocre at best and at worst, a long lasting stain on the scene.

    Will he be DJing in Depends?? Or a walker?Tune in in another 20 years and find out if you can pee yourself and beat match at the same time! I can't wait for that, I might even pay for that show.

    I apologize for the length of this rant but few will see it and even fewer will actually read it and maybe 1 person might care. Plus I feel insulted for the shameless plug for some sad techno magazine/website that they can't even drum up enough viewers/readers so they have to resort to a free forum to advertise.

    So I say goodbye, DJ I've never heard of, you keep banging that club music. I'll keep staying at home.
    Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.
    -Victor Hugo-

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