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Thread: Hi from a white and cold Sweden.

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    Wink Hi from a white and cold Sweden.

    Hi everyone.
    I'm a 22 year old music lover from Sweden.
    It's nice I finally found this place!

    This unusually white and cold winter I am keeping myself warm with Pearl Jam, Madrugada, Sivert Høyem, Ryan Adams, Ane Brun and lots of other great music!

    Hope you are all well and rockin'!

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    Welcome aboard Faya.
    A trip to the England without a trip to Scotland.... is just a trip to England.

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    You found us, !!

    Welcome to MF Faya. Looking forward to reading more of you.

    Loudest of Love

    I'm tied within
    I'm luck's last match struck
    In the pouring down wind

    ~Chris Cornell~

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    Welcome Faya, feel free to join us in the music discussion in the threads

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    Some Great music comes out of Sweden
    Good old Rock n Roll will never die

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    Thank you all!!!

    You have made me feel very welcomed!!!

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    Welcome to MF!!!!!
    Never felt so complete as when we're alone on the sand at night

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