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Thread: Need advice on promotion. Please help!

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    Default Need advice on promotion. Please help!

    Hey Guys & Gals

    We've been gigging locally for a few years now and were desperate to push ourselves on to the next level. Can anyone recommend any ways of getting some more promotion? Were happy to do the leg work just stuck for ideas.


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    We were in the same boat a few months back, stumbled across a site called CueTracks (just google them), they basically set you up an online profile that reviewers and industry professionals can access and see what your all about. You have to pay a one off fee, though, for the exposure you get in return it's a really good deal. After just a couple of days we had some air play and offered a couple of gigs.

    Not quite sure this is what you're after but I hope it helps.

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    you have already started, you have an endless resource at your fingertips. Social networking sites are becoming a more popular way to get your name and music out there, coupled with youtube you can reach millions of users if used correctly. There have been bands that have made mainstream success solely off of myspace, but there is one thing no amount of marketing can fix and that's talent.

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    You forgot to mention it helps to NOT have matching IP's

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