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Thread: New guy from nor cal

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    Default New guy from nor cal

    im luke from placerville ca.
    Im the drum major at union mine high school, love playin the sax and listening to music of all types.
    I joined another forum for old cars and i realized how much that helped me out, so i thought i would join a forum for my other passion.

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    Hello there

    Welcomes..........I hope you have fun and stick around
    "Bloody teenagers and their romance"

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    i think i will! =) thanks!

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    Welcome aboard Luke.
    A trip to the England without a trip to Scotland.... is just a trip to England.

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    Hey new guy, welcome.

    Placerville...not placing where that is exactly...ah, wait near Sac, right?

    Loudest of Love

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    yeah about an hour or so outside of sac, more towards tahoe

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    When people say NorCal, it covers a large area. You're in gold country.

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    yeah, saying "nor cal" is a little more modest. lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by 53vicky View Post
    yeah, saying "nor cal" is a little more modest. lol
    Modesty, that's a good quality. I always say I'm from the Wine Country (and hope it doesn't sound snobby, lol).

    Quote Originally Posted by Atrium View Post
    SoCal > NorCal
    ^Uninformed opinion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trey View Post
    ^Uninformed opinion.
    If your talking about as compared to your opinion, I'd say it's anything but uniformed.
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    Jump into the chat Atrium, and I'll deal with you there.

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    Welcome aboard!!! I wanna steal some of your nice, warm weather.
    Never felt so complete as when we're alone on the sand at night

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    Hi and welcome
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