Hey guys,

I just wrote up a review to the Matt & Kim show I saw last week. Thought you guys might like them if you haven't heard them yet.

9/17/10 Newport Music Hall

Columbus, OH

Quick Facts

Median Age: 22 (90% between 19-24)

Band T-shirts: None! Tons of button-down shirts.

Set: 1 Set, 80 minutes

Setup: Diamond screens with bright colors on the stage, Matt and Kim's instruments at the front, average music hall size.

Attendance: 1800 (Sellout!)

Drug/Alcohol use: Mostly just beer drinking but not as heavy as I would suspect from a venue on campus. One herb enthusiast was flashlighted in the middle of the show.

Covers: "Let Me Clear My Throat" DJ Kool, "Just a Friend" Biz Markie, "Apache" Sugarhill Gang

Opening Bands: The So-So's, Vacation Bass


Matt & Kim is one of the most entertaining bands in the scene today. The personality of both band members is something rarely seen. It's two people that seem to love what they do for every second of the show. Kim Schifino has the most intoxicating smile I've ever had the pleasure to encounter. Shouting lyrics at the crowd, standing on her drum, trying to walk on the crowd; this girl brings the fun.

I'm not quite sure how I would generalize this kind of music. A mix of indie that feels good with a bit of punk is my best try. It's kind of like the Flaming Lips but much more simple. It's easy to dance to and it really makes you smile.

Interestingly enough, the band decided to have modern and classic hip-hop as their warm up music right after the last opener played. I didn't really see the connection between their albums and Jay Z and Snoop until I noticed just how much fun the crowd was having listening to all of the old tunes. This band is about having fun. They are not about crafting some kind of image or staying under the radar or being the coolest kids on the scene. If they were, they wouldn't have covered as many classic hip hop jams during the show. Likewise, fans weren't standing around trying to look cool during the covers. They turned into huge singalongs led my Kim.

While I was expecting mostly hipsters, the crowd turned out to be almost entirely college students from nearby OSU. Although they were a bit sedated for the opening bands, nearly the entire crowd was completely behind these two. Heavy publicity by CD101 really helped this thing sell out. The band has been heavily featured the past couple weeks and did an in-studio interview during the day. The band also had a special listening party for all attendees of their new album, Sidewalks, before the show.

Overall, the show was a blast. A solid 1 set show with all of the recognizable material played. The crowd loved every minute and by the end, it seemed like about half of the crowd had crowd-surfed at some point. If they didn’t win me over with an awesome set and a really hot crowd, they definitely won me over by ending the show the first time they left the stage.

This is a hot new band that will continue to impress fans until they get bigger and bigger. I'm looking forward to it. I will definitely see these guys next time they come around.

There are some pictures I took at the show on my site.

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