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    The premise it to write down a memory (one of any kind) that you've connected with a song. Post the song and how/why it's affiliated with your memory.

    Here's a (real) example:

    Little Lovers so Polite by Silversun Pickups:

    Two summers ago a friend came up to New Jersey for a visit. It was probably tweleve at night, maybe later, and we were driving around aimlessly. She decided that she wanted to see her old apartment and so headed toward the complex. After taking a look we started to leave, when we saw a mutual aquantence of ours. He lived there as well. We called him over to the car and the first thing I noticed was that he was high and the second that he was out of breath. We asked what was up, but he didn't give any straight reply. Then a police car pulled in and drove past us to loop around.

    "They're looking for me." He told my friend and I, before telling us that we should go.

    As we headed out this song came on and three more cop cars headed into the complex. The overall attitude and some of the lyrics just fit the situation so perfectly, it's almost scary. Both my friend and I commented on it simaltaniously when the song ended.

    It was just an odd experience and everytime I hear that song, I can't help but think back to that night.

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    I was sat waiting for someone in the centre of Leeds, a quiet street in the middle of the city centre, sat there looking at the entrance to the merrion centre car park. It was about 10am on a midweek day, there was nobody else walking down the street, just the odd car entering the car park. I was listenig to the Oasis album Dont Believe the Truth, it had just come out, i'd had it for one day, the song i was listening to was The importance of being idle, i kept replaying it because i liked it and it was obviously very new to me. I looked up to the top of the car park, its about 8 storeys high, at the top stood a man he seemed to be looking back at me. Then he jumped, he landed about 30 feet from where i was sat, i sat there staring for around 3 seconds in shock or disbelief probably both, there was nobody else around just me. The next thing i can remember is Im stood over him, not a pretty site, if you've ever seen the blood that comes out of a head thats just landed on concrete after a 100 feet drop you'll know exactly what i mean, Ive never drank thick milk shake since that day( thats not a joke ). Obviously he was dead and all i could think of was to lean over him and say "are you alright mate", an ambulance arrived from somewhere in no time at all and they took his body away. Everytime i hear the importance of being idle i think of what i saw that day. The wierd twist to all this is, the importance of being idle was eventually released as a single, when i saw the video for the first time it freaked me out a bit, in fact it still freaks me out when i see it, you'll know what i mean if you watch it.

    your welcome Yoss
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    Yoss; that is an extremely horrible thing to have seen. I wish people wouldn't commit suicide, it's such a waste of life and life is wonderful if you know where to look.

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    Damn Yoss.

    I remember it was september 30th, 2003. My brother had bought American IV: The man comes around by Johnny Cash. Johnny had just died 2 weeks earlier. I came home from school to my mom and my grandma sitting on my couch when I came inside. They told me I should sit down. My Mom had obviously been crying. I asked what's wrong, and that's when she told me those 2 short words "Dad died". I think my brain kinda processed the information before I could really understand what happened. I sat there for a second and before I even I felt it coming, a tear came rolled down my cheek. My Dad had been killed by an I.E.D. in Iraq earlier that day. Tomorrow is the anniversery, I already feel sad.

    I walked into my room a few minutes later, wanting to fall asleep my pain away, and on my stereo was "Hurt" playing. I was moved by the song, and currently it is my favorite Johnny Cash song. It amde me feel better. Johns tone in the song was very relaxing.
    That's why I will always have a memory with "Hurt".

    Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a Man of Wealth and Taste

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    I feel the need to brighten the mood after these sad ones.

    This is a song by a local band. It's called 'The End of the Story' by Can You Keep A Secret.

    I remember driving around (because apparently all my memories are while driving lol) per usual. This is a different friend from my previous post, her name is Kristy. We always used to drive around with no destination and this song as well as 'Prison Song' by System of a Down, were just two of the many random songs we loved to listen to. Anyway, it must have been spring of early summer and we were driving around in a surrounding town when that song came on (we were listening to a CD). I don't remember when the first time I started singing 'Horhay' instead of 'Glory', but as per usual we started singing with our own version of the song. Then, because we used to do this a lot, we started 'screamo'-singing the song. As we were pulling into a supermarket parking lot this guy on a bike heard us, because the windows were down, and he swirved a lot before gaining his composure. It was so hilarious because his face was EXTREMELY surprised. :P

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    This isnt a great story by any means, its not a memorable story unless you are either me or my mate. But I am going to tell it anyway, because its the only thing I can think of that will work in this thread.

    A few years ago, my friend James and I were out during the christmas season. Obviously this means alot of christmas songs were being played wherever you went, and the story is pretty much taking this particular song's tune, and replacing all of the lyrics with new ones.

    Our new version included the lines 'head to toe in christmas', 'a pocket full of christmas', and 'christmas christmas christmas'. I understand this isnt funny in the slightest, but every year since then we hear the song and sing our version, and find it hysterical.

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