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Thread: Singer-Songwriters at the BBC

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    Hi all.

    Did anyone manage to catch the programme screened yesterday on BBC4 'Singer-Songwriters at the BBC' with Richard Thompson, Suzanne Vega, and Louden Wainwright III?

    If so, did you notice the electronic gizmo that Richard Thompson had fixed to the end the neck of his electro-acoustic guitar. It had a small screen with what appeared to be a digital display, including a scale and moving pointer, which kept changing in colour from green to red. Nothing to do with the Capo.

    Can anyone tell me what the device is called and what he would use it for?

    Also, can anyone tell me whether the Beeb have a message board to ask questions about television progs? I used to ask questions about tv progs on the BBC Radio 2 message board, but even this now appears to have been closed, without any obvious replacement.

    Hope someone can find a moment to respond. Thanks.

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    It sounds like your talking about a chromatic tuner, i have one that i put on the tip of my guitar's neck, other than that i don't know.
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    Yeah definately sounds like a tuner to me.

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    Tuner is correct.


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    Search youtube for the old grey whistle test, most of the things on the old BBC music programmes were originally on the old grey whistle test. Some great stuff on there.

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