What is a Youtube File Converter?

RSLeaks uses java scripting to convert any youtube link into any popular media file.

Why would I want to use a File Converter?
It allows you to put your favourite youtube video or song onto your computer or on your personal media player such as an ipod.

Why are you doing this for free?
This is only temporarily free. The site is currently in beta testing, we are gathering input from users on how to improve the site etc, before charging a minimal price to users.

Why are you posting this here?
As I said, we are gathering input from users, and we currently need a vast range of users in order to implement ideas fully into the site.

Ok, Sounds good, How do I do it?
Simply go onto RS Leaks :: Youtube File Converter, choose your specified upload site, put your original download link into the box and click leech.

When you are done, you should see something like this: