I'm trying to find out all 16 degrees of the first final fantasy's chaos temple theme. Anyone can help me?

The song is either in Gb or in Eb-. These are the chords:

Eb- Db Cb Db
Eb- Db Ab/C Cb/Eb
Gb/Db Db Eb- Db
Cb Fb Db7sus4 Db7/F

Many times I tried to figure out what are the degrees but I'm nowhere close to sure.

These are possibilities I see:

Maybe the song is in Eb- and the second chord (Db) is in fact a Bb7/Db with no tonic. This means the first line would be something like:

Eb- Bb7/Db Cb Bb7/Db
i V65 VI V65

Then at the second line, 7th chord, this Ab/C confuses me. I absolutly don't know what to do with it!

Eb- Bb7/Db Ab/C Cb/Eb
i V65 ? ?

If the song is in Gb I'm still lost at the 7th chord:

Eb- Db Cb Db
vi V IV V

Eb- Db Ab/C
vi V ???$%@#!

Anyone can please help me? I would really appreciate.

This is a link to the original song:


In fact, the chords I gave could be wrong.. however they seem right.

Thank you