I would like your opinions on this piece of writing. Im still only 16 and have time to improve and this is only a hobby because I do not take it seriously, yet. I would like constructive answers which would help me to improve. Could you also rate the work out of 10, Thankyou.

You see these revolutions? There a product of evolution
Man opening his eyes he's had enough of the persecution
Now it's all about the quantity and not the quality
Freedom of speech s nowhere to be seen, it's become an impared democracy
So now were living in a world full of atrocity, because we the people hold no authority
These revolutions are just intrusions
Just a disguise for natural resources to be stolen amid the confusions
So let the dictators dictate, they like taking dick so let them dicktake
We've had enough of this mental genocide
Boy make your mind up and choose your side
Fight this evil because we the people hold the key to put free back in freedom
Soldiers being used as pawns, governments sending them to a forgotten land
Young boy barely 20 coming back in a coffin his mother mourns
Another brave mercenary gone, but will this hierarchy listen? No they just carry on
Legally elected, but now we the people are being illegally rejected
No misunderstanding just errors, but there still not being corrected
Your driving down in black tainted cars all Presidential
Can be compared to a mad scientist but you aint curing sh*t
Waiting for things to blow up, nutty professor, all experimental
Yeah this sh*ts mental and your an expert but this ain't no rental
Cant hire no ho to satisfy your needs
Just so you know life ain't always sweet so don't worry about that dental
Tell me what's all this motivation driving this acceleration for the power of global domination
Termination of lives but still theres nations hesitations to conquer these complications, man it's their obligation
You sit there air conditioned and ventilated, discussing the wars which you created
Sit there and stare in amazement, your watching over the walls which you yourself painted
This ain't a PG cause this sh*t is rated
Yet you still have the cheek to argue about situations which shouldn't be debated
Cover ups all fabricated cause the truth aint never gonna be narrated
This aint the typical hip hop verse, do you need this to be translated?
Cause I can't communicate with fake hip hop fans who don't understand, man you cant relate to it
Hip-Hops become a stepping stone to money, easy bit*hes and flash cars
Fu*k these commercial rappers Im the one whos gonna be playing those puppets strings, guitars
Your getting other people to write your lyrics,
Cause when you write your own you got too many critics
Who would of thought it, hip hop and politics mixed together
So the good meets the evil in on song,
This might even direct your heart to the place where you belong
Hip-Hop is mankinds last hope, at least we still have something to endeavour
In politics your exterminating all the sources that hold that endangering intelligence
Cause if it is exposed it will destroy all the elements of relevance
Your just digging yourself a bigger hole by not confessing,
Think of all the pain that your causing but your still oppressing,
Soon that truth will resurrect and we the people will have the proof
Weakness will make a man tremble weak to his knees
We've got an epidemic of barbarity it's turned into a worldwide disease
You ain't gotta be academic to agree
Stand up and fight for what is right man let's save humanity