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Thread: What Style of Music is This?

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    Default What Style of Music is This?

    I was wondering what style of music is this in the clip I posted.

    It's a 20 second clip of the music you commonly hear in game trainers, keygens and the like.

    Download Pizzadox Uknown Ringtone - Free Music Hosting - ZJ2ZHDUCH4N5

    (It doesn't let me post the link without the site info and crap)

    No worries, it's not a virus or anything, it's embedded in a music uploading site.

    What's the style called and what instruments/programs are used?


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    im not taking a risk in clicking the link. either you find a link to the video or we cant help you

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    It's safe.

    It's MIDI. I'm not sure what the modern terminology is for it's genre, but back in the 90's, early 90's, there used to be "demos" which were small, showcased code of programming excellence that always included some sort of music like this. I'd refer to it as "demo" music, myself. Or, just MIDI. If you called it MIDI, most people would have a good idea of what you're referring to.

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    Hello Darkicon, Lossless Records! And hello Under (i shortened your name for my typing purposes)

    That is definitely a Midi file. It is a ringtone. What midi stands for is musical instrument digital interface. It is a way of communicating sounds via digital technology using electronic protocol. Today, I believe they call this music "electronica" which includes techno, ambient, and alternative music genres.

    Hope this is helpful!


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