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    Helloooo. I'm a new and bored, and thought joining a music forum would be a cool idea. I live in Canada, and yes, it does pretty much kick ass.

    Some of my favorite artists/bands include Morrissey, Stephen Merritt, Radiohead, Elliott Smith, Okkervil River, Daniel Johston, Bob Dylan, and Carissa's Wierd.

    And yeah. I like music........and that's pretty much all (:

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    Hey, how are you going?

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    Hello White Light! Welcome to MuzicForums.

    It is good to know that music still makes people happy and can cure the boredom

    We do have a "journal" forum where you can start your own music journal and tell us about the bands and music you enjoy. Also, you may find some really cool word games in the miscellaneous forum. You can do album reviews and make recommendations in the Music forums.

    May I suggest you post in the thread "What does your name mean" because I am curious how you came up with White Light.

    Hope to see you in the threads!


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